Limes HR Consulting

A new job is looking for new abilities, new abilities seek new knowledge.

In house trainings are designed for companies which want to improve the performance of their employees in the workplace they are engaged in and motivate them further.

Employees in which company invests become loyal to their employer and feel more as an integral part of the company.

With the desire to help you develop and improve the learning culture in your company, we offer you to create a plan and a training program for your employees together and implement it together.

Limes HR Consulting

We recommend you our IN HOUSE TRAININGS!

  • We tailor them to the specifics of your company.
  • You choose the term of the training.
  • The costs are lower because the trainings are held at the premises of your company.
  • Your direct profit is motivated employees with better performance for day-to-day work.
  • Increase the performance and productivity of your employees.
  • They lead to a significant improvement in human resources.
  • Improve important aspects of organizational culture.

Let your company become a learning organization.

Be ahead of the competition!

Investing in your employees through IN HOUSE trainings is the ideal way to show employees that they are not just a number but a significant link in your company's long chain of success.


  • Time to take your time
  • Top Field Salesperson
  • Retail Salesperson
  • Successful Communication Skills
  • Effective Presentation Skills

  • How ti run a meeting effectively
  • Client complaint = Opportunity
  • Leadership
  • Decision making
  • Stress and conflict management


  • Top Sales Director
  • Top Sales Manager

  • HR program – Basic
  • HR program – Advanced

Your success is our business