Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


In accordance with Article 15 of the Law on Personal Data Protection (“Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia”, No. 97/2008, 104/2009 – other law, 68/2012 – decision  and 107/2012), you hereby grant your consent that your personal information includes:


name, surname, date of birth, citizenship, address of residence, phone number, e

-mail address, educational and work experience data, attached biography (hereinafter: Data), used for the purpose of the competition you are applying for this time.

You are informed that the data in question will be used solely for the purpose of analyzing the applicants for the purpose of their possible employment or work engagement and that they will be kept for a period of two years. You confirm that the Data you entered is accurate and up to date. The person to whom the Data relates (hereinafter: Person or Candidate) shall not bear the costs processing and notifications.


Personnel data manager:


Limes HR Consulting Ltd. Belgrade

Shekspirova 7a, Belgrade (hereinafter: Operator)


Subject Data relating to a Person is appropriately protected from abuse, destruction, loss, unauthorized changes and access.


Limes HR Consulting doo, as the data controller and data processer, takes the necessary technical, personnel and organizational data protection measures in accordance with the established standards and procedures that are necessary to protect the data from loss, destruction, unauthorized access, change, publication and each other misconduct.

Data is stored in a computer database which I can access only employees who have the appropriate access code and who are authorized to process the candidate’s personal data.


RIGHTS OF PERSONS (according to the Law on Personal Data Protection)


Right to notice of processing


A person has the right to require the Manager to truthfully and fully inform him about it:


1) whether the Operator processes the information about it and which processing operation is performed;

2) which processes it about him;

3) from whom the data on him / her, or who is the source of the data;

4) for what purpose information about him;

5) by whom legal information is processed;

6) in which data collections there are data about it;

7) who are users of data about it;

8) what information or what type of data is used for it;

9) for what purposes data are used about it;

10) on which legal basis he uses the information about him;

11) to whom the data is transmitted;

12) which data is transmitted;

13) for what purpose the data are transmitted;

14) on which legal basis the data are transmitted;

15) during which time the data are processed.


Right to inspect


A person is entitled to require from the Operator to provide him with the information relating to him. The right to inspect the data that relates to it includes the right to view, read and listen to data, as well as making notes.


Right on the copy


A person is entitled to request from the Operator a copy of the information that relates to him. The operator issues a copy of the information (photocopy, audio copy, video copy, digital copy, etc.) in the form in which the information is located, or in another form, if it were incomprehensible in the form in which the information is located. The person carries out the necessary costs of production and handles copies of the data.


The right person on the occasion of the insight


A person is entitled to request from the Operator to update, delete the data, as well as terminate and suspend the processing.


A person is entitled to delete data if:


1) the purpose of processing is not clearly defined;

2) the purpose of the processing has been altered, and the processing conditions for this changed purpose are not met;

3) the purpose of the processing is realized, that is, data is no longer necessary for the purpose of accomplishing the purpose;

4) the method of processing is illegal;

5) the data belongs to the number and type of data whose processing is disproportionate to the purpose;

6) the data is incorrect, and can not be replaced by the correct one by the correction;

7) the data is processed without consent or authorization based on the law, and in other cases when processing can not be performed in accordance with the provisions of this law.


A person has the right to terminate and to suspend processing, if he disputed the accuracy, completeness and promptness of the data, as well as the right to identify such information as disputed, until their accuracy, completeness and promptness are not verified.


Restrictions on the rights of persons


Upon request of the Candidate for information, insight and copy of personal data, the Operator is not obliged to act in the following cases:


1) if the Candidate obviously abuses his right to notice, insight and


2) if the Manager has already informed the Candidate of what he / she requests to be informed, or if the Candidate has already obtained an insight or a copy, and in the meantime there has been no change in the data;

3) if the handling of the request would prevent the Operator from performing its activities from its scope;

4) if the information was made available by the information available for which the law, other regulations or acts based on the law were determined to be kept secret, and for whose releases could have serious consequences for the interest protected by law;

5) if the provision of information would seriously jeopardize the privacy or an important interest of the candidate or other person, in particular life, health and physical integrity;

6) if the processing of data is at the request of the Candidate;

7) and in other prescribed cases.


For all questions, the candidate can contact us through:



Phone: 011-40 30 910

By sending a query to the address of the Operator,

Vladete Kovačevića 2a, 11000 Belgrade.