Marko Stanišić

Founder and Managing Partner


Welcome! My name is Marko and I'm pleased to introduce myself to you.

After graduating from the Faculty of Economics, I was employed at PM Lucas Enterprise Ltd where I gained experience in the field of human resources management.

After that, I continued my career in banking and insurance business. I spent more than ten years in Findomestic Bank, part of the BNP Paribas Group in Serbia. The executive positions entrusted to me within the Bank have enabled me to gain immeasurable experience in working with people and leading them, as well as an invaluable network of contacts with a large number of companies throughout Serbia.

Early I realized that employees are the most important resource that a company must nurture and develop. For this reason, in my long career I have improved my knowledge in the field of human resources management and I have created, certainly, one of the best sales teams in Serbia.
After years of experience in a large corporation, I wanted a new challenge and I went on the other way. I decided to create a company that provides services of different types in the field of HR management.
My wish is to use experience and knowledge in the field of HR management as well as organizational management to improve the work of companies across Serbia.

I invite you to cooperate with us!
You will be satisfied because your success is our business!

Your success is our business