HR Outsource

HR Outsource

Your company is successful, the number of employees is growing, and therefore there is a need for systematic work with human resources.

We will, for you, and in cooperation with you, take care of the human resources in your company, their training needs and trainings, as well as their development potentials. In this way, employees will become even more successful in doing their job, which certainly brings good results to your company.

Limes HR Consulting

Depending on the needs of your company, HR outsource means that we think for you about the following:

Analysis and job description

Together we identify all the jobs in your company and define the necessary characteristics of the employee.

Managing the process of abandoning the company

Together we will evaluate the fluctuation of employees in your company and analyze the reasons why the employees are leaving the company.

Programs and trainings

Together we will evaluate the needs of your employees for trainings, and we will prepare and hold trainings in your company's premises.

Staff assessment

Important for both your company and your employees individually. We will collect together the estimation method and guide you through the whole process.

Planning of the supply and demand of employees

After analyzing the internal and external environment together, we will make a plan of supply and demand for the employees in your company.

Development of employees

Together we will determine the developmental needs of your employees, organize and implement developmental trainings and coaching sessions.

Why should we do this for you?

We will dedicate ourselves to your employees so you can focus on your business.

  • Develop awareness of improving your company's organizational goals.
  • Improve teamwork and efficiency in your company.
  • Create awareness of the necessary ongoing development and learning in your company.
  • Significantly increase the loyalty of your employees.
  • Dedication to employee has a long-term positive impact on your company's business.
  • Improve the desired value system.

Your success is our business